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Slavery: A Global Investigation

Seeds Will Grow

Slavery Then and Now

Slavery: A Global Investigation

“we’ve come… not to investigate exploitation or child labor,
but to find real slaves
people who are paid nothing,
locked away, and controlled by violence.”

Slavery is not a thing of recent history, in fact, although it is more hidden in our modern world, there are more slaves today than there were during the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. A terrifying and sobering fact, especially when you consider you may, unknowingly, be an oppressor. This 80 minute documentary was filmed in 2000 by the BBC.

2:00- India’s carpet slaves. Children are stolen or trafficked from their homes and enslaved in carpets mills. Their hands are cut in the looms of the mills, and they are beaten by their “master” if they slow down or take a break.

7:25- History of slavery- then and now.

11:00- The Ivory Coast’s chocolate slaves. Up to…

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